5 Benefits of Blogging for Business

Lately, it seems like everyone has a blog. These conversational pieces published on websites are informal, but informative, and are updated on a regular basis. But how does blogging help your website?

1. It brings new people to your website.

The best ways to gain new audience members for your website are:

  • Search engines
  • Social media
  • Blogging

Out of these, blogs are often the most efficient way to attract traffic. Your website needs to be updated regularly with new content and blogging is the perfect way to accomplish this. As an added bonus, every time you publish a new blog on your website, it’s another chance for your website to show up in a search engine.

Also, blogs are easily shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. When people share your blogs on social media, it allows more people to see it and to follow the link to your website. Blogging also reduces the amount of new content you have to create for your social media platforms, since you can simply share blogs you have written to maintain your social media presence.

2. It helps you gain new leads.

Getting people to view your website is great, but what you really want are new leads. This occurs when someone visits your website and ends up filling out a form with their information. The best way to gain new leads is to:

  • Publish a call-to-action in a blog (this is usually an offer for a free item).
  • Audience members will read the blog and follow the call-to-action.
  • They are taken to a webpage with a form where they fill in their information.
  • After they fill out the form, you have gained a lead!

While everyone who reads your blog might not become a lead, you   greatly increase your chances of gaining new leads by writing frequent blogs with included calls-to-action.

3. It shows that you are an expert in your field.

Blogs are a great way to explain the various aspects of your business in your own words. This is especially useful in answering relevant questions that people have about your business, or just your field in general. If they are finding the information they seek on your website, people are more likely to trust your authority in the field and become a client.

4. It brings continual results.

When you first publish a blog on your website and share it on your social media platforms, people will read it and, hopefully, they will become leads and then share your blog. After a few days, the hits on the blog will decrease, but it will still be ranking in search engines for months, even years to come. The blogs you write will be able to continually drive traffic to your website because people will still be reading and sharing them long after their initial publication.

5. It creates a space for discussion.

Blogs are designed to be a conversation between you and your audience. People have the capability to ask questions, give feedback, and even request solutions to issues they have by commenting on the blog. This gives you the opportunity to have discussions with your audience and when you are able to answer their questions and resolve problems, you will increase their trust in your brand.

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