How We Build a Website Together

Communicating with customers has never been easier – or more complicated! Today’s consumers (or patients or clients) expect to find online information about nearly everything. Most of us will check the web when searching for products and services before we make a call or stop by. Your company’s website is the foundation of a successful marketing strategy.

So have you shopped your own website recently?

  • Is it easy to navigate and find key information?
  • What are the most common questions you hear – and are they answered in an easy-to-find and read area of your site?
  • Have you searched your site on a mobile device?
  • Again, is the most important information readily accessible?
  • How well does it rank against competitors in browser searches?

Once your foundation is laid, you need bricks, mortar, and tools. And just like you need to mow the lawn, pressure wash your house, and clean the garage, your website requires the same type of ongoing maintenance. New photos, blogs, and design help keep your online presence fresh for your customers. Websites were never meant to be static, and they are the building blocks of dynamic marketing plans.

You wouldn’t ask a chef to build your house, so why not look to professionals for your website and marketing strategy?

  • You use high tech tools in your orthodontic practice, but are you familiar with the tools of marketing and what each can (or can’t) do for your business? Beyond the website, think signage, print ads and collateral, video production, social media, and more.
  • You know agronomics and golf courses, but do you have the time and preparation to write engaging blogs, draft scripts, or design proposals that will drive your target audience to your site?
  • You can analyze complicated financial statements, but do you know how to use the data available about your online visitors to improve your presence and grow your business?

We’re Ligon Marketing. We have the tools and specialists to develop your foundation, then help you grow.

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