Changing the Lightbulb

How many marketing people does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just one, of course, because marketers are resourceful and practical.

That’s true at Ligon Marketing, though a creative and committed team contributed to our agency’s recent transformation and launch – you know, the one with a lightbulb in the logo. For us, the logo symbolizes creativity and energy, and we have plenty of that.

The fun part of re-branding is creating a new logo, ordering new business cards, and developing a new website. But transforming a business is hard, more like changing old-fashioned fluorescent tube lights by yourself. The process is fraught with banking transitions, new billing addresses, client notifications, email re-directs, social media name changes, launch timing, and more. We’ve learned a lot.

The great part is now we have even more knowledge to share. Owner/CEO/Creative Director Cora Ligon loves learning new things, so the process has given her new insights to the challenges of starting over. With her experience in business marketing, advertising, sales, and management, as well as a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership & International Business, Cora delivers results.

We have no doubt Cora could change a houseful of lightbulbs faster than most of us, but the entire Ligon Marketing team is proud to be a part of her business transformation. Now, let us be part of yours.

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