Google 360° Virtual Tours

Seriously – who doesn’t want to peek into mansions and quaint storefronts, explore museum galleries and unique restaurants, or check out a potential doctor’s office? The thrill of a sneak peek can turn website scrollers into active viewers, through the new technology of Google 360° virtual tours. From street views of your business location to inside your patient rooms or display areas, virtual tours can create stunning visuals of all types of structures – right on your Google listing and embedded in your company website.

Beautiful images are great, but why should you invest in updating your Google business listing with a virtual tour? Benefits include:

Increased audience engagement and search engine rankings.

Before selecting vendors or providers, 97% of people search the internet for local businesses. Intriguing visuals drive traffic, so when those browsers find your virtual tour, they are more likely to interact with your business listing. Increased engagement increases your search engine optimization (SEO) organically, again driving increased traffic.

Open all day, every day.

Your business may not be open around the clock, but your virtual tour is always available to interested consumers. It will appear on relevant Google platforms, such as Google and Google Maps, and you can have it integrated directly onto your website and social media outlets. It is easy to find and view, even when you’re not accessible.

Mobile-friendly format.

How often do you use a phone book? Smart phones and tablets are the new go-to for information of all types. More than 90% of consumers look to their mobile devices for information first, and more than 80% start with Google. When they’re searching, your virtual tour will be there, easily viewed on their mobile devices.

Fun factor.

High-quality 360° images invite customers to enter your business’s front door and enjoy your space in an inviting way. It’s a fun and informative way for them to learn about what you have to offer during your business hours. Remember, many of today’s consumers grew up on video games.

Competitive edge.

Showcase the soothing decor of your dental office, the gorgeous panoramas of your golf course, or behind the scenes of your craft brewery or coffee roaster. What sets you apart from competitors? Show it with a virtual tour of your business.

Tried and true Google technology.

Google Maps has spoiled us with street views of the locations we’re searching. Now, they’ve taken it the next step to allow customers to peek inside those locations as they search online. By mobile or desktop, consumers want – or expect – reliable information before they make decisions.

Working with Google-approved photographers, Ligon Marketing can update your online presence with Google 360° virtual tour to drive your traffic and viewer engagement. And if your business has features, processes, or performances that can’t be captured in still photos, we also work with professional videographers to capture special moments to embed in your website and social media. Call us at 863-838-5475 for more information. Let Ligon Marketing help you imagine the possibilities.

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