Marketing: Strategy. Implementation. TACTICS.

Tools of communication and marketing change as quickly as flipping a light switch. The most effective marketing tactics in your plan depend strongly on the target market and how they respond to that flip. Some people say print is dead, but many senior consumers still read daily newspapers and most individuals check their mail regularly. Research indicates that the websites of B2B companies are accessed more frequently on desktop computers, while consumer sites skew more toward mobile applications. Some tactical tools that remain consistent:

 A well-designed, fast, and user-friendly website

Website users are a fickle bunch. In a microwave-fast mentality, most wait only a few seconds for a site to load. Once it loads, they decide within a few more seconds if they want to stay. A speedy site with high impact is necessary to catch and keep consumer attention. And don’t forget mobile-optimization for the smart phone set. Easy to navigate with fresh content and appealing visuals will bring users back. What are they looking for?

Relevant and current content

Content marketing is an old-school tool in a new school uniform. Marketers have always used stories to sell products and services. The stories that used to fill brochures and newsletters now fill websites and social media. Print still has a place, but email, video, and blogs are becoming more prevalent. And they move faster. The demand for fresh, current content to drive business is high. When done well, it drives business and builds trust in your brand. How do they find you?

A well-defined SEO strategy

When your marketing strategy (see our earlier blogs) identifies your target audience, you can determine the best marketing tactics to lead them to your blog or website. What terms might they search for? An effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy can help elevate your business in Google searches, which increases your company’s visibility and credibility as an information source. How do you know if it works?

Regular reports and analytics

Marketing tactics are only as good as the results they deliver. Use the available measurement tools to review data and see what’s working…or what’s not. These metrics allow you to evaluate successes and change directions when indicated. How do you do it all?

The right partner

Most small businesses and not-for-profits are focused on what they do best, providing a service or product to a specific market. That’s what Ligon Marketing does, too. What we do best is deliver marketing strategies, implementation plans and budgets, and tactical fulfillment to enhance our clients’ businesses. We have team members who are skilled and experienced in various aspects of marketing, and when you work with Ligon Marketing, you receive the benefits of that group energy. How do you find us?

Hang out at the local coffee shops, or simply call us at 863-838-5475.

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