Networking in Random Spaces

We meet fascinating people, pretty much every day. Working in coffee shops, meeting in restaurants, and supporting local events affords the Ligon Marketing team opportunities to network and experience our community and clients in a close-up and personal way. Sometimes the most interesting – and productive – connections are the ones we come across randomly.

Sure, we like to work with clients in their places of business. It gives us an inside look at how the business operates, and we learn a lot about the industries in which we work. The more we know, the more effectively we can create compelling materials, websites, videos, or other marketing tools. Sometimes we uncover key issues that may be jeopardizing the client’s success, such as inconsistent paperwork, inefficient process flows, or unsatisfactory customer service interactions. It’s part of building a productive client relationship.

Sometimes, though, a happenstance conversation with this-person-who-knows-that-person-who-is-involved-with-this-project leads to the next big idea. We find an opportunity. Or we discover a gap in the market that one of our clients could fill. Or we gain an insight to what resonates with a certain audience. We like hearing other people’s ideas and finding unique ways to connect our clients with the community, and more importantly, their potential customers.

For example, a recent coffee shop conversation led to an exchange of business cards with an area newcomer whose company provides services complementary to ours. Another chance meeting brought about a win-win collaborative opportunity. A client escaped her office to join our digital guru for coffee and to finalize design decisions, and another one came for lunch and brainstorming. These connections build our network, engage our team, and spark energy.

Plus, Ligon Marketing appreciates the many small businesses that offer friendly spaces and a community-building environment. And wi-fi. We try to buy enough coffee, sandwiches, or pastries to pay for our seats and support their businesses, too. We continue to meet other entrepreneurs who have chosen to work in random spaces, with home offices and mobile connectivity.

We’d love to know more about what’s happening in your part of the world; maybe we can help each other out. Do you have a favorite place to work, outside of your office? Meet us on Facebook or Instagram, and let us know.

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