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Managing the Remote Workforce

August 12, 2019|

“When employers consider allowing remote work or hiring freelance contractors, they often have the fear that productivity may drop as a result,” according to a July 2018 [...]

One Size Does Not Fit All

December 19, 2018|

Marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from full-service to niche-specific. Some specialize in industries, such as health care, restaurants, or finance. Videographers create commercials [...]

Video Magic: Marketing through Images

November 29, 2018|

It’s the best time of the year...for joyful videos that tug the heartstrings. Remember your favorite tv commercials from childhood? Think Publix commercials and Budweiser Clydesdales. What [...]

A Space of Our Own: A Real Office

October 17, 2018|

Earlier this year, Ligon Marketing posted about the benefits we find when meeting in coffee shops, diners, or a client's office. Read it here: https://ligonmarketing.com/networking-random-spaces/  Still true [...]

Marketing Your Health-Related Practice

September 5, 2018|

Doctors, dentists and other health professionals spend years learning – and passing intense exams – to practice in their fields. Once the shingle has been hung, professional [...]

  • Google 360° Virtual Tour

Google 360° Virtual Tours

June 7, 2018|

Beautiful images are great, but why should you invest in updating your Google business listing with a virtual tour? The thrill of a sneak peek can turn website scrollers into active viewers, through the new technology of Google 360° virtual tours. Virtual tours can create stunning visuals of all types of structures – right on your Google listing and embedded in your company website.

  • email marketing

8 Tips for Email Marketing

May 3, 2018|

With overflowing inboxes these days, you may think email marketing is just a shot in the dark. However, email campaigns still have a place in the toolbox and are valuable when used with attention to a few simple guidelines.

  • mobile marketing

What’s New with Mobile

April 15, 2018|

Mobile phones have become our personal assistants, managing everything from calendars to maps and reminders to savings apps. Targeting mobile users makes good sense for relatively low dollar amounts. To ensure your audience is finding you while browsing their devices, try these tips to create a dynamic mobile strategy.

Marketing: STRATEGY. Implementation. Tactics.

March 8, 2018|

Some people think of marketing as a couple of commercials and a website, with a Facebook page thrown in for good measure. And for some businesses, that might be all that’s needed. But how do you know? Effective marketing strategy begins with well-defined business plans and goals.

  • networking

Networking in Random Spaces

February 19, 2018|

We like hearing other people’s ideas and finding unique ways to connect our clients with the community, and more importantly, their potential customers. We’d love to know more about what’s happening in your part of the world; maybe we can help each other out. Do you have a favorite place to work, outside of your office?

5 Benefits of Blogging for Business

February 1, 2018|

Lately, it seems like everyone has a blog. These conversational pieces published on websites are informal, but informative, and are updated on a regular basis. But how [...]