No Guarantees

Most people want guarantees in their lives, certainty that investments of time, money, or energy won’t fail. As a business owner, you want guarantees that the dollars you invest are being put to good use. After all, nearly every time you make a major purchase, you’re offered a warranty: appliances, cell phones, computers, cars, you name it. But, a warranty is not the same as a guarantee.

For one thing, that car warranty carries a price, and a promise if certain parts of your car fail, within a given timeframe, the seller will pay for all or part of the repair. (Tricky details!) It’s kind of a lose-lose situation: you don’t want problems with your car, but you’re still out the price of the warranty. If your car does break down, well…the warranty might pay, but you still have the hassle of having it repaired.

Back to your business: maybe you’re thinking advertising is a cost you can do without. What’s your guarantee? Unfortunately, the only guarantee in advertising is that if you don’t use it, it can’t help your business. You might see success through word-of-mouth or starting a Facebook business page. But you might not, and you’re unlikely to grow at the pace you’d like.

However, there is a win-win kind of “warranty” as you move into the world of promotions. Contracting with professionals to help you effectively market your business gives you peace of mind, not to mention more time to do what you do best. Sure, the contract* has a price (we’re a business, too), but you get a team with specific skills and a track record of success to handle the myriad details of your marketing plan.

That’s what we do at Ligon Marketing. Our team partners with yours to determine the most effective ways of reaching those most likely to want or need your products or services. We have specialists who develop a brand and big-picture plans based on your goals; who create graphics, videos, and websites; who write compelling copy and news releases; who understand the analytics of social media and measure value; who know how to negotiate with vendors (for media buys, printing, specialty items, and more); who can help you track your success; and all of whom value customer service.

Need more? One client’s business grew by one-third over the past year of our partnership. More than producing advertising, we recently helped a client launch an additional service line and revenue stream. Our services included employee coaching, networking and outreach, promotional materials, and follow-up, along with employing traditional marketing methods. Some clients start with a website while we show them how to put it to work for them.

A solid marketing plan lays the foundation for your business’s success. Successful marketing doesn’t happen overnight or without effort. Interested to see how we can work for you? Give us a shout at 863-333-5456.

*With Ligon Marketing’s vendor relationships and negotiating skills, and your saved productivity, the contract may equate to a savings from what you could accomplish on your own.

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