Positive Resolve

New Year’s resolutions can be a fine way to make changes, but really, how many turn into sustainable improvements? In 2018, Ligon Marketing is starting a new chapter in our book of business, with a focus on how we can improve, grow, and exceed our goals as a full-service marketing firm. Sounds more exciting than resolutions, doesn’t it? We invite you to open a new chapter in your business, with a look at 6 positive steps you can take this year:

  1. Refresh your marketing plan. Does your business plan account for changes in the communications marketplace? It may be time to take another look at your customers and the ways they prefer to communicate with you. Check for consistency in your website, print materials, video, signage; are they sending the right message to the right people to grow your business?
  2. Step up your digital presence. If it’s been more than two years, it’s probably time to update your company website. Are the design and images fresh, appealing, and user-friendly? New algorithms affect your site’s visibility, and you’ll want to use original content and SEO to your best advantage. And, well…content, content, content.
  3. Get social. If your business isn’t on social media yet, take a baby step and consider which platform would best tell your story. Depending on your product/service and audience, you might want to use more video or benefit from a business-oriented blog. Develop a strategy, and unlock your creativity. (If creativity isn’t your thing, we know some people.)
  4. Focus on productivity. Start by blocking out a week, hour by hour, to see where your workday goes. If you’re not spending most of your time doing the important work that builds your business, you need to see on paper (or spreadsheet) where that time is going. Then you can evaluate what you need to do to bring it in line. You need to be driving your business, not the other way around.
  5. Develop your team and delegate. Not only does smart, effective delegation build morale among your team, it also gives you more time to focus on business growth and profitability. Profitability matters to all of you. Give your team a chance to step up or add people (or agencies) who can deliver the right skill mix to make the business hum.
  6. Communicate more effectively. Are you and your leaders modeling the service standards you expect from your staff? The way you communicate affects employees and customers alike. Misunderstandings among staff can result in low morale, which then becomes a customer service issue. Maybe your team needs a customer service refresher or supervisors need some leadership training.

Are you ready to begin the next chapter in your business? You may need to add some characters or fresh perspective to provide the marketing and digital expertise to take these six steps. The Ligon Marketing team has years of combined expertise in marketing planning and implementation, and we would welcome the opportunity to help you write the next chapter in your success story. Read about our story at ligonmarketing.com and then give us a call.



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