Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Matters

One of the first things we at Ligon Marketing typically hear from clients is “I want my business to be first on Google.” Everyone wants that space, but not everyone can make it. In real estate, location is king. In on-line marketing, content reigns. But not just any content – content that is easily found by search engines, and thus, searchers.

You’ve likely heard the term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, it’s the secret sauce that makes your website rise or fall in online searches. SEO is the process of increasing your website’s visibility through higher-ranked and more frequent listings when people search for specific words (keywords) related to your business. Results are often called “organic” or “earned” rather than paid,
and may appear more credible, than online ads.

Gobbledy-gook or science? Possibly a little of both, though the algorithms lean more toward science and sound knowledge of website design and infrastructure that’s friendly to search engines. We have a social media manager who does this every day and understands the tools. In developing a marketing strategy, Ligon Marketing considers the terms people actually use when searching for your business (dermatologists vs. skin cancer vs. botox – or all?) and which search engines are most popular among the audience you need to reach. We add or freshen website content, based on those keywords, so search engines are regularly seeing new material.

So is it worth the time, effort, and money?

Our results find SEO to be a key part of a comprehensive marketing plan. Here are six reasons you should consider investing in organic SEO to elevate your business:

• It works. Nearly everyone searches for products or services online, and research indicates more than 80% of consumers check out online reviews and ratings. Those numbers are unlikely to decline, so you want your online presence to stand out and be found. The tactics we use still drive traffic, according to recent case studies. Sometimes we need to add text-based content, such as blogs or news releases, or backlinks using keywords to attract searches. More searches plus more content equals more opportunities to be found.
• SEO is hanging around. As search engines develop, we don’t see a change in the effectiveness of current techniques. Even with the growth of audio-video searches, such as podcasts, keywords are the drivers in attracting search engines.
• It’s comparatively inexpensive with a solid ROI. An appealing and user-friendly website is vital to your image to today’s consumers. Organic SEO keeps that foundational message visible, usually for less cost than pay-per-click advertising or purchasing email leads. A healthy social media program also contributes to customers finding you instead of your competitors.
• Use of mobile devices increases search numbers. Internet traffic from mobile devices continues to grow exponentially, as we rely more on phones and less on desktop computers. This has created more opportunities for local search optimization among your company’s effective SEO techniques.
• The absence of good content creates a damaging void. Search engines change the way they look at websites as new options develop, and algorithms are updated accordingly. As social media grows, so does its impact on website ranking. A stagnant site that’s not refreshing its content on a regular basis may turn Google and other browsers away.
• When your customers don’t find you, they will find your competitors. Online searches don’t stop just because you might. Like any race, you must continue to move forward if you want to improve.

In today’s marketplace, a healthy online presence is a vital element to any company’s or organization’s strategic marketing plan. Keeping that online presence visible is a strategy itself. Investing in content and professional SEO management are more important than ever to influencing your customers and growing your business.

Let the Ligon Marketing team light the way.

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