Our goal is to tell YOUR story

in the most authentic way possible, to create connections with your market

Ligon Marketing owner Cora Ligon grew up in a place far away, in a culture unlike anything most of us have experienced. On a remote southwestern Pacific island off Papua New Guinea, her linguist parents raised Cora and her three siblings and forged bonds with the villagers as they developed a written alphabet, the tools of reading and writing.

In a village with no written language, the people created rich stories and ways to communicate. History, traditions, announcements, instructions, and the language of love and play were passed among the people through stories and their self-made oral language. The rhythm and cadence of drums “talked” across the island to share information. Many of us embrace this same idea when we share campfire stories, bedtime stories, family recipes, favorite television shows, or music. Have you ever felt left out when friends speak through favorite movie lines, from a movie you didn’t see? Or does your entire family laugh and interrupt each other telling that wonderful old tale about grandpa?

All her life, Cora has been a passionate storyteller, one who expresses her ideas through relatable stories that provide “lightbulb moments” for others. It’s her most effective way to communicate her vision of growing a business to a prospective client or to explain a new tool to current clients. She thinks and talks faster than most of us, but Cora frequently uses a simple story to explain a more complicated concept to build understanding. She’s really good at it!

Why is that important?
Because storytelling is the way we at Ligon Marketing help you build your business. Each client is unique, and we consider ourselves partners in the journey. We sometimes use different “languages” or media, but each is designed to reach your audience and tell your story in a compelling way.

Our goal is to tell YOUR story, in the most authentic way possible, to create connections with your market, whether defined as customer or patient, by age or gender demographics. Continue reading our blogs to learn more about building an authentic identity with your unique story. Or call us at 863-838-5475.

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