Targeting Your Audience

You’ve worked hard for this, and your dream is coming true. Your own business, with all your products, services, and creativity out there for the world to enjoy. The big question is: will the customers who value what you have to offer be able to find you? Do they know about you or where you are?

Let’s look at it another way:

You’re about to marry the partner you’ve dreamed about, and you’ve worked hard to make the moment perfect. The venue and music reflect your personalities. You spent a lot on a beautiful dress or tux to show off your best features. The cake is a luscious concoction, hand-decorated by the best baker in town. The champagne is chilled, and the reception video is cued to highlight favorite moments of your courtship. Everything is ready, and the officiant takes his or her place.

But wait…. Where are your family and friends? Oh, my gosh – you forgot to send the invitations! Horrors, as no one knows where or when to join you. You might rush outside and encourage strangers to come in for the festivities. Some might welcome a little entertainment and free food, but they have no investment in the success of your marriage. Who will toast you with warm wishes?

Now let’s wake up from that nightmare. The parallel is clear, though. You can pour time, energy, and money into your business, but you have to invite the right people on your journey to success. That’s what targeting your audience is all about.

  • Have you analyzed who your market is?
  • Who is most likely to need or want what you have to offer?
  • Is it a broad market or fairly narrow?

At Ligon Marketing, we have experience reaching diverse audiences as well as small niche markets. Once the target audience is clear, we work with our clients to identify how and where that audience receives information, whether:

  • print ads, brochures, and/or rack cards
  • billboards or signs
  • websites and social media
  • videos
  • radio commercials
  • business-to-business
  • or a combination of communication tools

We don’t stop there: after developing and implementing campaigns, we analyze and report on results, helping clients see how their marketing investment pays off. Most business owners and professionals have their hands full running daily operations and need an extra hand to develop growth opportunities and marketing. Ligon Marketing offers that extra hand, through a team of specialists who focus on marketing trends and building businesses every day. Our goal is to help you get your invitations out and celebrate your special day.

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