What’s New with Mobile

Mobile marketing is exploding so fast, it’s challenging to stay on top of the trends. The MarketingLand experts predict that nearly three-fourths of U.S. spending for digital ads will focus on the mobile market by 2019.

Mobile phones have become our personal assistants, managing everything from calendars to maps and reminders to savings apps. Targeting mobile users makes good sense for relatively low dollar amounts. To ensure your audience is finding you while browsing their devices, try these tips to create a dynamic mobile strategy.

Targeted advertising

Your digital desktop campaign may drive traffic to your website and business, but does it work as effectively for mobile users? People search desktop computers (and laptops) in different ways and for different purposes than they use mobile devices.

While they may use the same keywords, their goals and urgency may be quite different.  Developing your mobile strategy and advertising campaigns starts with understanding the thinking and behavior of those who are seeking your products or services. Once the mobile campaign is implemented, it’s important to measure mobile and desktop results independently. Detailed tracking will help you make the most of both campaigns and spend your marketing dollars effectively.

Mobile-specific ads and landing pages

As mentioned above, translating existing website content to a mobile format doesn’t always work. Sure, you want consistency in your branding, but why not consider creating an ad specifically for mobile use, and linking it to a mobile-only landing page? You might increase conversions through an ad that has a sharp, relevant landing page to keep your audience clicking.

Ad campaigns based on location targeting

By definition, mobile users are a “moving target.” They want your information when they need it and where they are, and your company has to deliver a relevant and personal experience to attract these consumers.

Targeting by location is one way to customize your message, addressing their interests where they are.  How does it help?

  • You can compete with bigger competitors. Why shop big-box when your local retailer is nearby?
  • Your customer feels like you know them and establishes a deeper connection with your brand. Starbucks, for example, knows what you like to drink and can guide you to their closest store.
  • Technology allows you to measure your consumers’ offline behavior.

It can be a bit overwhelming to you, and realistically, a little creepy to your audience. That’s why it requires a lot of planning for how location-based ads will come across and how it will be tracked.

Again, know your audience and what will be relevant and valuable to them. Coupons or discounts that pop-up when the mobile user is in the area can be helpful and appreciated. No one wants to feel their privacy has been invaded, so consider what type of messaging provides value and will be welcomed when delivered.

And keep in mind, this tactic is not necessarily valuable to all companies, so don’t feel like you must jump in. Your marketing dollars may be better spent on other mobile tools.

Text campaigns

Text campaigns (or SMS) may seem like old news, but they still offer some nice benefits to marketers. Primarily, instant delivery, direct to a consumer who wants to receive it. (To avoid the creepy factor, get the buyer’s permission, or opt-in, before implementing this tactic.) Research indicates approximately 95% of text messages from opt-in campaigns are opened. Of course, it’s just as easy to overuse the invitation to text, and advertisers can lose their welcome if the messages fail to offer value and a reason to stay engaged.

Like other forms of marketing, mobile campaigns are built on strategy. Know your audience, make your campaign speak to their needs, and know the goals you want to reach. Then measure your results. It often takes time and tweaking to hit the right note and achieve the desired results.

Developing effective strategies and implementation plans is what we do at Ligon Marketing. Check out our website and give us a call to talk about how mobile mar

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