Your Authentic Story

Do you ever flip the page back to take a second look at a print ad? Is there a radio commercial that makes you turn up the volume? Why were they so compelling to you? Whether promoting a product or service you’ve been looking for, or something you had never considered, some advertising messages stand out from the busy “noise” we know as information overload.

Messages that grab your attention likely lead with creativity, originality, and  unique storytelling. At Ligon Marketing, we strive to be that leader for each client, bringing each one’s authentic story to the forefront in whatever form will be most effective.

Technology offers many ways to convey messages, but what resonates with most people is authenticity. From the drumbeats of Papua New Guinea (see our previous blog) to Twitter, most of us are looking for connections that make us comfortable, that feel real. Now, we’re not likely to recommend a drum circle, unless you need a unique and memorable team-building event, but all options are on our table.

The first thing Ligon Marketing pro’s do when meeting a new client is to listen. We want to know:

  • Who and what is this business all about?
  • Where did it start, and where does the owner want to be?
  • Who needs or is most likely to want this product or service?
  • What is the win-win proposition?

We listen for your answers, as well as your passions. We work hard to find what drives you and what makes your business unique. Then we help you tell your story to the people you need to reach, in ways that connect with them.

Connect with us, and let’s talk. Call 863-838-5475. We’ll tell you our story if you tell us yours.

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