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At Ligon Marketing, our team of experts developed multiple trusted marketing strategies and concepts for Native Vanilla that includes the following:

Amazon Launch & Management
Influencer Social Media Campaigns
Logo Redesign
Print Services
Shopify Website
Social Media Launch & Management


Native Vanilla provides naturally grown and ethically-sourced vanilla. By partnering with small farming villages in Papua New Guinea, Native Vanilla empowers and protects micro-farmers by giving them a voice to implement projects that will have an enduring impact on the health and welfare of their community. When Native Vanilla was merely a concept, they came to Ligon Marketing seeking assistance. Our team was able to take Native Vanilla, which started as one man’s clever idea, and turn it into a flourishing brand.

Screenshot 2022-10-31 134853


Because Native Vanilla was in its infancy when Ligon Marketing joined forces with the company, their website too was in its beginning stages. The original website focused primarily on where the products came from, rather than the products themselves. The website was also challenging to navigate through and did not provide customers a way to make a purchase directly. Ligon Marketing worked with Native Vanilla to renovate their website, so it was focused more on the consumer experience with a concentration on baking. We also added an e-commerce capability so that customers could buy directly from the site, easily and securely.


Our team worked tirelessly with Native Vanilla to ramp up their Amazon listings, even with the rigorous nature of Amazon’s transactional rules and regulations. We helped them expand to more than five additional Amazon marketplaces in other countries and optimized their listings while working to get them translated in the other languages. We helped increase their sales by over 1,000% in just five short months. During this time, we ran Amazon and Facebook Ads to direct shoppers to Native Vanilla’s Amazon product pages. Throughout the process, we advised the client on Amazon rules and strategies and best practices.

Native Vanilla amazon mock up

Social Media & Influencers

Our social media management team was able to grow Native Vanilla’s Facebook page followers from 200 to over 2,500. We also created an Instagram account and brought their followers from 0 to more than 1,400. Additionally, we researched and coordinated with influencers and ran promotional contests. Our team also posted eye-catching, media-rich content several times a week to increase engagement. 

Native Vanilla Instagram

Custom Labels & Packaging

Native Vanilla needed some help in laying foundational groundwork for their emerging brand. This included modifying their logo to adhere to copyright laws and creating new labeling and packaging options for multiple product lines. We served as an all-in-one source for creative design, packaging, labeling, and printing. By working with our exclusive team of experienced vendors, we were also able to keep efficiency high and costs low.

Native Vanilla
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