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Traditional Marketing

Traditional “offline” methods of marketing such as media planning and buying, direct mail, and advertising are some of the most tried and true methods that need specialized attention. Luckily, at Ligon Marketing, we are masters of the trade.


Print Advertising

Print media includes advertising in any of the following mediums: newspapers, magazines, brochures, annual reports, rack cards, special promotions or offers, and direct mail collateral. While print media may be considered outdated to some, it is undoubtedly still one of the most successful methods of advertising. There’s something special about holding something tangible in your hand when youre looking to make a decision as a consumer. Whether it serves as inspiration or a reminder, the physicality of a print media item is timeless and can outlive many of its advertising counterparts.

A carefully crafted print advertising piece can go a long way. And with so many options available, you can work your print advertising in conjunction with digital advertising efforts to maximize results. Because we have a natural love for aesthetics including imagery, textures and captivating color pallets, print is one of our favorite methods of advertising at Ligon Marketing.

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John Wanamaker, the department store magnate, once famously lamented, “I know that at least half of my advertising dollars are being wasted; I just don’t know which half.” Advertising is a multipronged marketing tactic. The response to outdoor, print, radio, and television messaging is hard to measure, made more challenging by the fact that good, solid, strategic advertising messaging can be challenging to develop. 

At Ligon Marketing, we start with insights, not just information. We’ll take a deep dive into your target market(s), and pull from that research an in-depth understanding of what your customer thinks, feels, and needs. We then take that insight and translate it into compelling, creative messaging tailored to the medium that offers your message the greatest opportunities to be not just seen or heard, but responded to. How do we do this? By putting on our “customer hat” – walking, talking and acting like your customer – so that we get to know your customer inside and out.

Direct Mail

Have you ever received an offer in the mail that has ultimately led you towards making a purchase you might not have previously anticipated? If so, you can likely attribute your purchase to a highly effective direct mail marketing strategy. Common examples of direct mail marketing include postcards, flyers, catalogs, and any other physical correspondence you send to customers or potential leads via their mailbox. When done correctly, direct mail can be a great complement to other forms of marketing like digital and email communications. The tricky part about direct mail is including a memorable CTA (call to action) and a catchy design. Many businesses attempt to create, print and send direct mail pieces themselves, but in the end, they spend more money, effort, and time. 

At Ligon Marketing, we have all of the tools to help you send a remarkable direct mail marketing piece in a meaningful way. We collaborate with our clients to narrow down the right messaging and design along with campaign goals and budget. We also create a customized mailing list based on research of target markets and work with a team of highly qualified mail processing specialists to ensure cost stays low, and quality remains top priority. From beginning to end, we can help drive the right traffic to your business through direct mail. We even track your campaigns, so you know exactly where your ROI stands.

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Media Planning & Buying

Are you throwing darts at a target that isn’t there? If you’re spending money on media, and not getting the guidance that this complex process demands, you’re probably not getting what you paid for. Before even considering media buying, you need to begin with media planning.  

What does that involve? First, planning begins with extensive knowledge of the vast array of media opportunities available today. It requires a thorough understanding of how each medium will help deliver against your company’s marketing plan. A professional media buyer, and we have quite a few great ones here, must possess an understanding of the product’s consumer (or audience), as well. Not just their gender and age but their “persona,” i.e., their beliefs and habits. Last but not least, it involves the ability to negotiate the best rates and the ability to use analytics to determine what’s working and, perhaps, what isn’t.

In short, media buying is much more than considering an offer from a sales rep who happens to have some inexpensive “remnant” space they can sell at a discount. It takes planning based on research, negotiation, and the skillset to know where the client can get the most bang for their media buck.

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