Video Magic: Marketing through Images

It’s the best time of the year…for joyful videos that tug the heartstrings. Remember your favorite tv commercials from childhood? Think Publix commercials and Budweiser Clydesdales. What makes them memorable is the universal story that warms our hearts. What makes us consumers is the pull to be included in the story.

Amidst the noise of television, radio, and social media, authenticity stands out. Today’s smart phones and video technology make it relatively easy and affordable to deliver a message that breaks through. Some basic guidelines and tips can help:

  • Remember your audience: Moms, teens, senior citizens, animal lovers, other business professionals. Their warm-fuzzy buttons are different, and they respond to different appeals.
  • Messaging: Do you want to build awareness, garner donations, or bring people to your door? Put a face to the message. What are the benefits or liabilities of responding/not responding?
  • Scripting: Videos should be authentic but not rambling or rote. Will it be on-camera or voice-over? Find the balance before filming by developing a script outline. HOWEVER, don’t script individuals who are telling personal or emotional stories on camera!
  • Noise factor: As much as possible, film speakers in quiet backgrounds. Some background noise can be edited out, but natural quiet is easier. B-roll may benefit from natural noise.
  • Film horizontally: It’s counterintuitive but fills the screen better.
  • Editing: A variety of apps (Magisto, VivaVideo, iMovie, etc.) are available for ios and android to edit smartphone video and add captioning.
  • Length: Keep it brief, 3-4 minutes, or you’ll lose viewers.

The smartphone video format offers simple homemade-but-professional authenticity in telling your story. That can be particularly important for non-profit organizations that want to communicate without spending a lot of money.

A professional can easily help make adjustments and handle some of the more complicated edits, without charging a fortune. Also, objective watchers can identify elements that may miss the mark or unnecessarily lengthen the video…and you may be too close to see it.

Ligon Marketing is a champion for small businesses, and we can help you develop compelling video content — as well as a plan for sharing it — to pull consumers into your story. Remember, your video project is only as good as the people who watch.


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