Top 8 Tips for an Unforgettable Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing

Email marketing is such a valuable tool for businesses and organizations alike. Email marketing campaigns provide you, as a business owner, the opportunity to send direct and personalized communication to targeted audiences with measurable results.

We know – with overflowing inboxes these days, you may think email marketing is just a shot in the dark. However, email campaigns still have a place in the toolbox and are significant in helping return on investment when used correctly.

When creating email marketing campaigns, it’s important to remember to include several items to make sure you are maximizing your potential for building long-term relationships with customers and prospects.

We suggest the following 8 tips to create an unforgettable email marketing campaign:

  1. Send Emails to People Who Want to Hear from You.

    Have customers opt-in to your email list, or at least target those with whom you have a business relationship. Readers are more likely to engage with your business when they’ve given permission for contact. Plus, when you send emails that are merely deleted or left unopened, your domain reputation can suffer.

  2. Have a Clear Goal Outlined in Your Message.

    Define your goal, so you can communicate it to your recipients. Do you want them to fill out a form, follow a hyperlink, or use a promo code? Make it as easy as possible for readers to respond to your call-to-action. No specific goal? Don’t send an email just for the sake of it – people may get a little overwhelmed from multiple messages without a point. Make it worth their while to open your messages, and your consumers will reward you with their engagement.

  3. Personalize Your Messages.

    Emails generate higher response rates when sent to an actual name (rather than “Dear Customer.”) However, everyone is concerned about online privacy, so just stick to recipient name or company name. You may be targeting your audience with specific data, but you don’t want to scare them off with your in-depth knowledge.

  4. Be Personal on Your End, too.

    Engagement is higher when email marketing messages are sent from an actual person or company email address, rather than a “no-reply” account. You want your customers to reply (see #2).

  5. Pay Attention to Unengaged Subscribers.

    Suppress messages to those whose email providers start sending them to spam boxes. Even customers who have opted-in to your list may ignore or send your messages to spam, especially if they feel overwhelmed.

  6. Check Your Analytics.

    If you notice an extremely high rate of unopened emails, you’ll need to take inventory. Are you sending too many emails or failing to meet customer expectations? Perhaps you need more creative material or compelling calls-to-action.

  7. Vary the Days of the Week When Hitting “Send.”

    Depending on your audience, you will need to tailor the time and days of the week you send your messages. For example, if your primary audience is health care workers that don’t spend a lot of time near their computer, you will want to choose an optimal day and time to ensure a higher open rate.

  8. Write Strong Subject Lines & Avoid Clickbait-style Headings.

    When people open your email and find less-than-authentic communications, you risk losing them forever. Consumers appreciate authenticity and typically turn away from cliché marketing messages.

Email marketing can be a great complement with other communication tools and techniques for consumer attention. It’s effective when done correctly, but requires creativity, trial and error, and diligent attention to the analytics of clickthrough rates and response.

If this all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! Ligon Marketing has experience implementing and measuring effective email marketing campaigns, and we can help you identify appropriate opportunities as part of your overall marketing strategy. Need help with that strategy? Let’s meet for coffee and talk.