Marketing: STRATEGY. Implementation. Tactics.

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Some people think of marketing as a couple of commercials and a website, with a Facebook page thrown in for good measure. And for some businesses, that might be all that’s needed. But how do you know? Effective marketing strategy begins with well-defined business plans and goals.

Your Authentic Story

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Do you ever flip the page back to take a second look at a print ad? Is there a radio commercial that makes you turn up the volume? Why were they so compelling to you? Whether promoting a product or service you’ve been looking for, or something you had never considered, some advertising messages stand out from the busy “noise” we know as information overload.


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Ligon Marketing owner Cora Ligon grew up in a place far away, in a culture unlike anything most of us have experienced. On a remote southwestern Pacific island off Papua New Guinea, her linguist parents raised Cora and her three siblings and forged bonds with the villagers as they developed a written alphabet, the tools of reading and writing.